Site build it review

Site build it review assesses the affect SBI has had on my life and practice as a chiropractor.

Shakespeare wrote once that there is a tide in the affairs of men that, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

Ebb and flood are quite normal in the lives of humans, and so it was with my mine; reaching the end of my professional career as a chiropractor, looking for a new challenge, a nephew suggested I started a website.

Me start a website? I knew absolutely nothing about the jargon; I didn't even know the difference between html and http!

Approaching 60 years of age, start a website? That was preposterous.

Yet, having written three chiropractic books, I was needing a vehicle to market them. Shouldn't I rather hire consultants who would do a professional job?

An expert in web design, my nephew ignored my protestations and told me about Site build it; the company that enables unskilled people develop something that would draw traffic; lots of it if you do it right.

And so I find myself 10 years down the line with that is in the top 0,4% of all 70 million websites, drawing half a million hits a month.

Win Win

This site build it review evaluates the win win that I have experienced.

Teddy needs a rib adjustment.

After 35 years in practice, there aren't too many musculoskeletal conditions, and a fair number of medical conundrums that haven't consulted me at my chiropractic coalface. Lacking the strength to cope with forty odd patients a day any longer, I was looking for a quieter life, yet one where I could use my considerable experience to help others in need.

Facing three score and ten, on one of my last orbits of the sun, my mind was focused on other agendas; and Site build it became the vehicle that enabled me to do it. 

I'll say it up front. I didn't start Chiropractic Help to make money; yes, I was hoping to sell a few books, but my desire was to help others in difficulties by explaining in terms the layperson would understand what was behind the tingling in their arms and hands, or how to manage a serious slipped disc and avoid surgery, for example.

Yet, to my astonishment, Chiropractic Help has provided me with a steady income, far in excess of my expectation. SBI affirmed my belief that chasing after the elusive dollar can be an extremely frustrating thing; yet, by providing an honest service, the rewards came naturally.

Site build it review

Site build it review looks at how a person with zero website building skills has got into the top 0.4% on the net.

So, with absolutely no skills in web design, SBI has enabled me to build what is perhaps the biggest site in the chiropractic world; if not the biggest, certainly it's up there in the top ten. What's more, I did it all on my own, with no team behind me; that's why the company has repositioned itself as Solo Build it.

Like most things in life, success doesn't come easily. It's meant a lot of hard work; apart from the financial success, stretching my aging brain has done wonders in keeping the Alzheimer's lurgy at bay, something we all fear; and for good reason.

The instruction manuals are top notch; they got me started, step by step on this journey; ten years is a good chunk of one's life. I wouldn't have done it otherwise, knowing what I do now.

Not that I haven't had my gripes about SBI; at last they have fixed the ezine programme that I use to send out monthly newsletters.

The SBI community

One of the best parts is the SBI community; they are incredibly supporting and helpful. Whenever I've been stuck, there have been folk who willingly give of the time to make suggestions. I couldn't have done it without them.

In short

In short, I can in this Solo Build It review, happily endorse this company; one other remarkable feature is they charge no more now than they did ten years ago when I started with

I have no idea what other companies providing a similar service there are out there, better or worse, but I for one am well satisfied with SBI.

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