Side hip pain

by Stephanie
(Pearl, MS)

My pain is on both sides. It feels like it comes from

the bone, not nerve type pain. It does not go toward
the groin area but down the sides of my legs. I can
not lay on either side for more than 45 minutes or so.
I'm switching sides all night long. I've been taking 3200mg of neurotin and tried lyrica with no luck. It almost
feels like they are about to snap into. It's getting
more and more difficult to stand after sitting for
only short amounts of time. I have no idea what to
do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello Stephanie,
I suspect you do know what to do; but in case the penny hasn't dropped, what is required is a good examination to find out what is causing this pain. There are probably several hundred different causes and what's needed is a diagnosis. It's time to see your medical doctor or, if you've already been there, perhaps it's time for chiropractic help.

Dr B

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