shoulder pain

For almost a year I'm having problem with my right shoulder, but for the last three months it has been so bad, I can't comb my hair, it hurts so much when I sleep, just one bad move makes me cry like a baby.

I had two times Shiatsu massage, I also bought the book of triggerpoint-therapie and I'm using a ball to massage the back of my shoulder,I also had two times-Baunscheidtieren (Westers acupuncture)and went once to a Osteopathie, but the pain in my shoulder and upperarm is still there and sometimes just a little above my right thumb hurts so much and my fingers are swollen.

I just made the extract of chicken bones but need to know how much I need to drink and for how long and if I need to drink it extract or make a soup of it. Please let me know.

I'm learning a lot on your site, very useful website.



Hello Carolina,
Shoulder pain can be very debilitating, especially as it often disturbs sleep.

A little test: lying on your back with your elbow bent and the humerus (upper arm bone) pointing straight up to the ceiling, rotate your arm. What we call internal and external rotation. Compare it with the good shoulder. What's the difference?
Secondly, try putting your arm behind your back, as in undoing your bra-strap. What happens?

I have the feeling your have the beginnings of a frozen shoulder, a very miserable condition. Type "frozen shoulder" into the Search this Site function on the navigation bar for more info. Follow the links.

One small concern: that swelling in your fingers. That doesn't fit.

I would start with a visit to your medical doctor, ask for X-rays of the shoulder, and let him/her examine you. Rule out things like a clot. You probably have some calcium deposits in the shoulder but don't let them convince you that you must have an operation.
Start doing some homework, and look for a chiropractor experienced in treating nasty shoulders. This problem is right up our street: I love treating the sort of problem you have. But you'll have to find someone in your neighbourhood...
Then perhaps start doing the exerises you'll find at that frozen shoulder page. Gently.
But you are going to need professional help to get over this problem.

I'm not sure the chicken bone bouillon will help. That's for arthritis, but certainly won't hinder. Makes a delicious soup indeed. As much as you can.

Keep in touch, let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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