Shoulder blade tingling

by Karen
(Fayetteville , AR)

The vein does not pass through the triangular space.

The vein does not pass through the triangular space.

Shoulder blade tingling

I have intermittent tingling along right shoulder blade past 2 to 3 weeks with swelling in right forearm and meat of hand made noticeable after repeated use of rolling pin for cooking.

Have iced arm and hand and avoided use. Back to work tomorrow. TOS? Should I wear an ace bandage or sling? Ice and NSAIDS? I write and use computer at work. Will this heal by itself?

Hello Karen,
It's difficult to be sure but I don't think this is Thoracic Outlet syndrome.

The swelling in the lower arm and hand points to some local problem in the arm. Spider bite, strain of the muscles or wrist joint, or... a clot in the forearm? I would get to your medical doctor for an opinion. A clot is serious.

The vein from the arm back to the heart does not usually pass through the Inter scalene triangle. So not likely TOS.

See your doctor for a diagnosis first. Then your chiropractor to see if you have trapped Dorsal Scapular nerve which supplies the muscles of the mid upper back. Any neck pain?

Meantime start thinking: what provokes and what relieves the swelling and tingling?

Dr B

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