Shoulder Blade Injury


My name is Zac and I have been having some trouble with an injury. I was working out and I guess I let my scapula become destabilized and I might have pulled a muscle or something. I have a weird tingling feeling at the bottom "point" of my scapula and the inside edge of my scapula feels weird and I get pain there sometimes.

I only injured my left scapula. I tried researching it and I thought I might have a pulled serratus Anterior or rhomboid, but I'm not sure. Also, when I move my arms overhead the back of my shoulders pop almost every time now. This didn't happen until I got injured. I am going to see a doctor or chiropractor soon. Any advice on what the cause could be and what I can do to treat my injury and get back to normal?


Hello Zac,
Firstly, unless you're a top athlete, with your eyes firmly fixed on the next Olympics, remember the aim of working out should be to make you fitter, stronger and in less pain.

That's not happening and you need to evaluate your gym program with an experienced instructor. You're not aiming for the next Mr Universe title are you? This may all seem facetious, but it's to try to stop this happening again.

The fact that there is tingling involved suggests that this could be a nerve injury; the dorsal scapular comes from the lower neck and supplies the rhomboid which attaches to the medial margin of the shoulder blade.

But that's an educated guess at best; what's needed is a thorough clinical examination to come to the right diagnosis.

Only then do have a chance of full recovery.

Dr B

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