shoulder and shoulder blade pain

by Khayalethu

The front part of shoulder is sore contantly. I've lost flexibility and mobility of this shoulder.When I'm seated for a lengthy period pain strikes me on the shoulder blade this is all on the left side.

Hello Khayalethu,

There are a number of important questions that can lead us to the correct treatment:

* Have you had any injuries. A fall on the arm, a whiplash to the neck...?
* Are you otherwise well? No history of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, infection?
* Do you have any neck pain?
* Is there any tingling or pain radiating down the arm?

I think you understand that a careful Chiropractic examination is necessary, but superficially, it's looking like the beginnings of a "frozen shoulder". It's a complex condition, related to the neck and midback and shoulder blade, and in particular a large muscle under the shoulder blade.

I recommend you look for a chiropractor in Pietermaritzburg. If you have any X-rays, blood tests, or scans, then take them with you.

You could start with the "frozen shoulder exercises" at Chiropractic Help.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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