Shoulder and arm pain

by Lynn
(Fort myers, FL)

I woke up with pain in my shoulder blade area a couple of days ago and the pain radiates down into my hand. I thought that I slept wrong and it would go away. The pain has gotten worse and it doesn't hurt much when I lie flat on my back but as soon as I get up, pain shoots down my arm. Reaching forward aggravates it more. Raising my arm up over my head doesn't help it either? Is this just a simple myofacia pain? Or could it be crevice?

I have a few questions for you, Lynn. Answer them all as accurately as you can if you want a useful answer from me.

1. Turn your head to the painful side, and then look up. What happens?

2. Using the search function at chiropractic help, type in 'upper limb tension test' and let me know what happens. Compare with the normal arm.

3. Which fingers are affected?

4. Using a needle, prick your arm and compare sides. Is there a significant difference? Where?

5. The next is a difficult test and frankly you probably can't do it accurately, but give it a shot. Find the pulse in your wrist with the other hand. Now turn your head to that side, look up and then take in a deep breath. Does the pulse diminish significantly? It's called Adson's test if you want to read up about it at chiropractic help website.

Let me know.

Not sure what a crevice is.

Dr B

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