Shooting pain tingling and numbness of my left thumb, index and middle finger.

by Hopeful

I have been treated for at least 2 mos now and nothing is working. I saw chiropractor for 3 weeks at least 3x a week which did not help; my doctor placed me on prednisone for 10 days which did not help either.

When I put my arm on my head it does diminish the pain and seems to erase the tingling and numbness. What should I do so I can get better?

I'm so desperate I'm going to loose my medical benefits at work if I can't go back to work as a nurse; anything else I have to do?

I've had 2 mri done; my doctor said they are significant. Please help me.

Dear Hopeful,
Please send me a copy of these "significant" MRIs.

Relief from raising your arm is known as the "shoulder abduction relief" sign. It's suggests that you have a pinched nerve in the neck.

Tell me what happens when your move your neck, and do the upper limb tension test and tell me the result.

Please reply on a computer; it's not my job to correct your not so smartphone grammar.

Dr B

» Shooting pain tingling and numbness of my left thumb, index and middle finger.

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