Shooting pain in buttocks with eventual pain in calf

by Paul L. Kush
(Houston, TX)

In the early morning when I rise, it is quite painful to stand up straight. The pain shoots into my hip/glute area on the left side and the inner calf primarily with minor similarities to the right glute and calf.

I have what seems to be a loss of strength for the moment I am in the position causing the pain. It feels good to sit down thank goodness. I have been doing stretches as recommended targeting the piriformis muscles on both sides. Also doing hamstring stretches etc.

I am doing research which leads me to believe it is possible I have a problem with in the L4 or L5 area. This was deduced as the L4 l5 both attach to the calf and the muscle that runs across the glute or sitting area.

I have also been doing some trigger point on my hips and
glute focusing on the Piriformis area.

Hello Paul,
What's need here in the first instance is a diagnosis. Is this nerve pain radiating from the lower back (and what level) to the buttock and leg, or is it something else.

If this is a sciatica, then hamstring stretches would almost certainly aggravate the problem, perhaps seriously if there's a disc injury.

You make no mention of back pain. True?

Start by doing a few things:

1. Bend in all direction, carefully remembering that it could worsen the problem, and see if any movements increase the back and leg pain.

2. Prick your legs with a pin and see if there is any difference right and left. Where?

3. Test the muscles in the leg and see which one is going weak. That will give you an idea of where it's coming from. Scroll down the Slipped disc symptoms page to the YouTube video for help.

4. Do this Slump test for sciatica test ... it won't help if it's the Femoral nerve, but more usually the sciatic. But the Femoral goes to the inner lower leg and anterior thigh.
Femoral nerve ...

I'm not sure your background, what tests you've had, and what treatment you've had, but it seems to me is necessary is a careful and thorough examination, and that you can't do.

Dr B

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