sharp radiating pain from glutes to ankle; tired back

by Sari
(Bangkok, Thailand)

So much tightness on my hamstrings. I cannot stretch my left leg to stretch my hamstrings. I feel so much pain on my low back and sciatic nerve when I flex my spine.

I had a chiropractor manipulate my spine for 5 times already and went to acupuncture and physio therapy. Though there is reduction in pain but it's very slow. Please let me know how severe my condition is and what else should I do?

Hello Sari,
Thank you for the care you took in writing; I'm impressed with your English.

Yes, it sounds like you have sciatica which is a pinched sciatic nerve in the lower back.

Don't flex your spine; it will only aggravate the condition. Go down on one knee if you need to bend.

Use alternating ice and heat on your back.

Sit much less if it's painful. It usually is.

Ask your chiropractor for some exercises; alternatively in the navigation bar at chiropractic help, you'll find some exercises.

I don't have enough details, but you may have a slipped disc, in which case the progress will be slow. If it's improving, be happy. And careful.

Look out for difficulty standing on your toes, and raising the great toe.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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