Sharp pain in right butt cheek and right hip

by Josh
(Young America, Minnesota, USA)

Have had 4 ESI and be adjusted mant times. Also been on traction table. All help a little but still doesnt fix it. Pain comes every 7 to 10 days and can't stand up straight, get out of bed well, problems sleeping and getting comfortable. Every so often theres a "pop" the happens in lower back. Had a bulge disc from L4 and L5. Also I lean away from pain. Or postero lateral. I have another MRI in a week. Just want some advice on what I could tell them for a little help. It's been happening for over 6 years and I've put alot of money into this and still nothing that permanently works.

The only time that I feel great and don't have issues is when I get the epideral.

Plus I have had my sciatic nerve pinched multiple times making it virtually impossible to move. It takes a few days and a few chiro visits to get to let loose.

Hello Josh,
You make zero mention of exercises. Are you on a daily disciplined rehab programme? That's the single most important thing you can do, and it costs nothing, just a little time. Two minutes several times a day.

Go to our Lower Back exercises page at C-H, (see in the nav bar on the left) and discuss the merits of each with your chiro.

Do them EVERY single morning before getting out of bed. Every morning! Got it?

Then try and sit less, watch TV from the couch or floor, go for a walk daily.

When picking something off the floor, go down on ONE knee.

If you go regularly into an antalgic posture, have your chiro check for a short leg. Sometimes a small inexpensive insert in your shoe, ususually on the side towards which you lean, may be help. But deciding how thick, and whether it should be under the heel, or the whole foot is more technical. Ask your chiro. Don't buy into the expensive inserts. Cheapo from the drug store.

If you are doing all that, and it's not been helping, then I'd spend short periods lying down during the day. Five minutes per hour perhaps on the carpet, couch, bed... do the exercises whilst there.

Sit less, and be choosy about your chairs...

There's lots at C-H, go and browse...

Hope this contributes, let me know how you get on.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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