Shaking in arm pain in face

by Mary

I have been having some numbing feeling in a line from my forehead, cheek, nose, and chin even down my left arm. I have a lot of neck tension.

I received a chiropractic adjustment and things seemed to clear out but later my left hand began to shake when I made a fist. This has dissipated however I am feeling the face issues again however twitchy and a burning type ache. Same thing with my arms much worse on the left. My doctor said it's not a stroke or paralysis of my face. What could it be? A pinched nerve? I'm panicking which is only making it worse.

Hello Mary,
This is beyond the scope of the average chiropractor, or general practitioner for that matter, although some go on and do advanced courses in neurology.

These symptoms are not the norm in general practice, and I confess I too am out of my depth. It's certainly not just a pinched nerve in the neck. That would not cause numbness in the face.

That numbness if following all three branches of the trigeminal nerve, the large cranial nerve that supplies the face, teeth, sinuses and jaw joint.

That tremor in your fist is also unusual; it could be known as what is called an intention tremor, or clonus. If you reach out to touch your nose for example, does your hand shake? Did your doctor take your reflexes? Were they exaggerated?

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination by a neurologist. Talk to your GP.

Start to make careful notes of exactly what is happening, when it started, what increases the symptoms, and so on.

These are worrying times, and the only thing that will reduce your sense of panic is a diagnosis. The unknown is always worse than reality.

Do it. Soon. Please let me know when some sense is made of all these symptoms.

Dr B

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