Severe Sharp Pains after Chiropractic Appointment

by Stuart
(Battlefield, MO)

I had an appointment with a new chiropractor nine days ago which I made due to sharp pains on my upper right butt. I do not know what was done to me after the x-ray as nothing was explained to me. I was taken to a table that moved somehow under me and then to some rising standing device where I was then punched with another device and had multiple movements done to my spine. I kept saying I didn't know what was going on and that things hurt more. I was just glad to get out and they said I should feel better soon. I now have horrible sharp pains in both butt cheeks, both upper legs, my lower right leg, my abdomen, my right middle back, the top of my head and my neck. I haven't been able to sleep for over a week and the chiropractor's office told me they cannot help me other than to use ice 15 minutes on and off. I do not know what to do now: am I just going to have sharp pains forever or should this get better? Sometimes they are so bad I cannot breathe for a bit and my chest feels tight. I am totally confused about my options.

Hello Stuart,
You've every right to be unhappy. Any and every doctor should know that before you begin treatment, the cause of your problem and how it's going to be treated is outlined.

It just makes sense; unless you're in a coma, if you have a pain in the belly, the doctor will tell what the cause is, and what he or she is going to do and why.

How did you find this 'new chiropractor'? Yellow pages?

I'd talk to friends and family, and your doctor, and get the name of a person highly skilled and recommended in your immediate area. All things being equal you want someone nearby since travelling long distances is not friendly if you have a lower back condition.

Meantime just be careful, don't do a lot of bending and twisting, and choose your chairs carefully, and in fact sit less. Use the ice as recommended, and do some gentle lower back exercises on your bed.

I'd right to said chiropractor and tell him exactly why you're unhappy and that you won't be darkening the door to his clinic again. And even if you get a soothing letter or phonecall back, stay well away. Send someone to collect your x-rays. Don't go yourself.

I wish I could say or do more; I can't. Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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