Severe right lower back pain. History of L4-L5 stenosis.

I have had this for a couple of years now. I've tried epidural injections and anti-inflammatories but they don't help. A few days ago I bent over to pick something up out of the floor and have had excruciating pain ever since! It is getting worse everyday. I can't put weight in my right foot without screaming out! There is no comfortable position lying down either. What can I do? What is causing so much pain?

It's a big controversial, but I'd go to bed for a couple days, or longer, doing our basic three lower back pain exercises (see navigation bar) every half an hour, or even more often. They take only 40s.
I say controversial because research shows that bed rest alone has no value. But bed rest PLUS back exercises in my experiences has much value.
Secondly, don't sit and don't bend.
Have you ever consulted a chiropractor? There are no easy answers to chronic lower back pain, but it seems you are getting no where with your current regime. Take your X-rays and scans.

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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