Severe pubic bone pain in female when trying to sit up.

by Nic

Hello. For about a week now I have felt this unnerving pain in my pubic bone (pain is only present with certain movements). At first it really felt like the pain of an emerging HSV-2 coming in again, but no sore has shown up!!! The pain has gotten worse now, especially when I try to sit up from a laying position using only my abs to pull myself up. As I sit here typing this, I have no pain, but I can create it by simply tightening my abs and bearing down! It feels like a giant painful internal zit that is full of painful pressure and will burst if I tighten my abs even more.

There is no bruise on the skin that sits on my pubic bone and when I palpitate the area, it is not really that painful at all (just a little discomfort)..... It is only very painful with bearing down. I have no leg pain, hip pain or back pain, and it does not radiate to anywhere else.

When I lift and pinch my skin that sits on top of my pubic bone, there is really no pain in my skin either. I am in very good physical shape with great muscle definition showing. Also yesterday at the gym when I did weighted, standing straight arm pull downs, it was killing my pubic bone! Weird, huh? I suppose that again I must have been bearing down and tightening my abs area to maintain my balance. I do follow a healthy diet and work out with weights 5 to 6 times a week. I am 48 and not pregnant. Any ideas?

Hello Nic,
Seeing that you only get the pain when activating the abdominals, or deep pelvic muscles, this sounds like a muscle strain. Especially since you are obviously very active at the gym.

Unless there's actually a tear, it is probably self limiting and given some rest will heal. Can you slow down for a bit at the gym?

Make sure you enjoy plenty of fibre in your food, always a good idea anyway, so you don't become constipated and have to bear down hard.

If the pain continues, I'd recommend you consult your gynae for a checkup; it could be something internal.

Remember the point of the gym is to improve your health, not injure your body. Reassess your programme.

Using the Site Search function in the navigation bar, enter Kegel Exercises; they may help.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Aug 25, 2019

by: Dr Barrie Lewis

Great that it settled quickly. Give it time to heal, because a setback now could trouble you for months.

Glad to be of help.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

Aug 20, 2019
by: Nic

Thank you! Must have been a muscle steain like you said. Healed up a couple days later and have not had this pain again!!! All the best- Nic

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