severe pains in L4/L5/S1, and deep in the socket of both hips/top of femur and a host of other trouble

by karen

Dear Dr's,
I am wonderng if you could please spare a few moments to help me. I am really in desperation here.. :(
I have pain at pubic symphysis; the pain makes me feel like my entire pelvis is "unstable" when I walk. I need to use a stick to support myself.

I am experiencing pain deep on the hip at the top of the femur deep in the hip sockcket and l4/l5S1 diagnosed with degenerative disk disorder. pain is increedibly terrible, affects mobility hugely, my dr wont send me for mri/any tests as she says i have my "diagnosis" i have tiredness- extreme fatuigue all the time, poor skin, am diagnosed hypothyroidism also.
i am desperately trying to find a dagnosis- please can you help perhaps point me in the right direction of what it MIGHT possibly be? I have asked 3 drs in the same surgery and they all say i have my diagnosis and that i just need to accept that "it hurts" whivh i think is utterly appalling to say to someone. they have shoved me off with heavy painkillers- oxycodone 30 mg day and 30 mg at night and ant inflammatory called naproxen i take 1 of those a day with lansoprazole twice a day.

i am 35 years of age, began having problems about 3 months after i got pregnany wth my only child- i couldnt give birth naiturally due to the pelvs not opening enough i had severe pains in pubis symphisis region again and thereafter have had all these cascade of issues. i am distraught. i feel totally and utterly alone, it is ruining my life- cannot even play ball with my 12 y/0 daughter/ PLEASE HELP.
Thank you so so so much in advance.
ANY help at all will be etenally grateful.

you may email me for further correspondence, many thanks.

Hello Karen, you do indeed have problems and they probably are treatable; I'll comment if you'll resubmit this from a computer in the Queen's English; I'm not a grammar teacher and tire of correcting not so smartphone English.

Dr B

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