severe pain in the upper right rhomboid muscle, pain in the neck and eventually severe stabbing nerve into the posterior right side of the head

I have had this condition for 12 years; I have had endless expensive treatments, many cortisone injections into the back of the neck, the injections helped prevent continuous attacks, but unfortunately due to health cut backs these pain injections are no longer available to me.

I am in constant pain and doing any physical work what so ever triggers off the nerve pain in the back of the head. I am getting so depressed as I am unable to find any solution to this problem.

Could you recommend what kind of consultant I should go and see that could at least tell me what is and has been causing this unbearable pain for the past 12 years. I have been with so many consultants and not one of the has been able to provide me with a the straight diagnosis.

There's an old saying that "if you don't have a chiropractic problem, it won't respond to manipulation. But if you do, it will probably respond to nothing else.

Twelve years is a long time; have you ever consulted a chiropractor?

Deep upper back pain admittedly can be a diagnostic nightmare, but when coupled with distinct neck pain, it's mostly likely an injury to the C5 part of the brachial plexus supplying the dorsal scapular nerve. Google it.

Dr B

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