Severe pain in right lower back

by Paula
(Hot Springs, AR)

I was a victim of domestic violence and was thrown on the ground 3 times.

A few hours later, I developed right lower back pain, mid right back pain and intermittent groin pain.

This is Day 2 and I can not sit without sharp intense pain in right lower back. I can not bend either.

Toradol is not helping at all. It helps to lay on my right side with a pillow between my legs.

What are your suggestions?

Hello Paula,
You're in a difficult position; you need help. A mother or friend or nearby who could come and stay?

The first step is a careful and thorough and examination to determine the cause of the pain in your back, and groin. You may have a fractured spine, and an xray will be necessary.

This needs to be done soon; the injury appears to be affecting one of the nerves going down your leg.

I would go to the emergency rooms.

Dr B

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