Severe pain in legs

by Sheri
(n.stonington CT)

Mri ruled out lower back issue for years I was told cervical instability i (as a result of chiari decompression surgery) was the cause.i also have many otber issues..low o2 with excersize but PFT shows not a lung issue. I am on oxegen though rarely ware...only at night with my bi pap.I also have mixed apnea. I am 47. My legs are worse when I lay or sit....arms have some issues but mild in comparing to legs. At night my legs will jerk in a downward motion sometimes. Muscles twitch at night. I have little to no hot cold sensation. The neurosurgeon I went to said emg is fine...not snerve issue. There are times I scald legs in hot bath trying to get them to stop helps.The dr did find puddle of bone marrow in my hip...with increased eruthropotin in blood levels increased. When i read oxygen does not fit..never just calf...always entire legs..please help

Dear Sheri,
All this points to a central nervous system disturbance. Perhaps the Chiari malformation, or the surgery to correct the malformation.

Whenever there is bilateral leg pain we as chiropractors are more concerned. The chances of it being a chiropractic condition are lessened.

You make no mention of lower back pain. That jerking of your legs strongly points to a neurological condition. Do you know: are the reflexes in your legs increased? Loss of pain when scalding your legs too points to a spinal cord issue.

Has anyone examined your hips? And your lower back? Your sacroiliac joints? It's not impossible that there co-exists other chiropractic conditions that may be contributing to your pain.

I seems from your letter that Medicine is at its wits' end. Perhaps it's time to see an experienced and thorough chiropractor to see if s/he could contribute something.

Keep active. Walk, swim...

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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