severe pain in hip/lower back when standing straight

by Jerry
(Bakersfield, Ca)

The pain started about a year and a half ago with just numbness down the side of thigh all the way to foot. I was still able to move around just with a lot of discomfort.

Well today almost no numbness or tingling in my legs or feet but I am unable to walk without leaning forward. I cannot stand completely straight up without excruciating pain in my buttocks and hip.

I had a x-ray with my Dr but all was normal, he said. I was in a car accident and was not wearing my seat belt. My right leg got jolted inward toward my chest but my knee was not in a locked position. I have been going to physical therapy for months now and no relief at all.

I've tried resting, tried stretching, medication even hasn't given me any real relief. Range of motion that is most difficult or that I'm unable to do would be; laying flat on back lifting my right leg off the ground with leg in extended positio; also lying on my back trying to cross my right knee to my left side.

I was ruled out that it was not piriformis syndrome, but haven't been able to figure out what is cause for the pain other than saying it's sciatica.

Im 30 years old, 185 lbs 5ft 11 inches, was always very active and love to play basketball. Now I can barely walk around without hunching over and always needing to sit down. My back is now starting to hurt but it's in the hip area. I hope my information was enough to try and get an idea of what is the issue.

Hello Jerry,
It's a sad tale that you recount. Would you start by reading this page please.

Read it carefully, digest it and then answer these questions; whilst on no painkillers;

1. Bend slowly forwards, then backwards, and then to the side and tell me exactly what you feel. Do it carefully; this can make it worse.

2. Sitting in a normal kitchen chair, ask someone to lift your left leg parallel to the ground; lower the leg, and repeat with the naughty leg. Exactly what do you feel and where?

3. Standing, hold onto the back of a chair. Raise your right leg slightly off the ground; now raise your left big toe off the ground. Then stand on your toes, lifting your heel off the ground. Repeat with the naughty leg. What do you feel?

4. Ask someone to prick both legs with a needle, comparing sides.

Plain xrays can be very misleading; often there is no sign whatsoever of an underlying slipped disc. An MRI will tell another tale.

Let me know, keeping to this thread, and we'll take this further.

Tell me where precisely you mean when you say "pain in the hip."

Dr B.

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Feb 27, 2018
Jerry Contact Me.
by: Nick


I am sorry about your pain. I am experiencing the same thing as well. I am 41 years old. My symptoms are the same exact thing. I doubt you may ever see this, but I am hoping you might contact me. Would love to follow up w you and see if you found out what was the issue.
My email is

Send me a email or reply back. Hoping you will. Thanks.

Yes, it would be good to have an update on how you got on, Rob.

Dr B

Mar 10, 2017
Lower back & R Leg pain
by: Rob

Severe pain when standing straight or leaning backwards in lower back, right side, at the hip and pain shoots down my right leg to the point that I my right leg gives out.

Hello Rob,
I need a lot more detail; like which part of your leg, when did it start, what else increases the pain and what if any treatment or x-rays you've had.

There are two obvious possibilities. Firstly a disc herniation into the foramen where it's pinching the nerve, or hypertrophic facets that are catching the nerve in a pincer.

Which part of your leg is giving out? Down in the ankle, or at the knee?

If you sit in a kitchen chair, slowly bend your head forwards and now straighten the left leg, followed by the right, what happens. Look up Slump test for sciatica by using the Site Search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Either way it's serious; I would recommend an x-ray immediately and if a scan if you can persuade your doctor; they are expensive.

Look up our slip disc rules whilst you are about it; take this seriously or you may be under the knife within the week. Stay at home and don't sit.

Dr B

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