Severe pain 2 years after car accident

by lea
(austin tx)

Severe pain 2 years after car accident

It's been a year and a half since my accident; at the time of my accident I lost complete use of my left arm had moments of feeling like I was being paralyzed from the neck down, headaches that felt like my blood rushed to my head upon standing going numb lethargic and developing cold spots all over my body.

I was diagnosed with thoracic neck strain but was told that wasn't really what it was and had a chiropractor who was doing stretches tell me he felt I had traumatic brain injury; now I have limited use of my left arm still have numb spots on my body

I get tingling sensations feeling all over face to feet I can't stand for too long I can't sit for to long I get completely exhausted when I have doctors' appointments

I have limited range of motion in my shoulder and can feel more on my right side than on my left

my toes go numb after siting for just a few minutes and I have trouble walking my left leg hurts feels constricted behind knee

i have been unable to control my body tempurature when hot outside I'm actually cold that is resolving I think I sleep a lot or not at all because I'm in so much pain but once asleep I can't wake up

sometimes when I've tried to pick something up ( spatula) a jolt shoots up my arm . I've gone almost two weeks without going to bathroom (defecation) several times I've woke up having accidents as well .

my vision is different and at times I can not speak right; I'm embarrased to talk sometimes because of it I can't think or concentrate on anything. I can't read, I can't do much at all I'm frustrated depressed and angry with how I've been treated; when I go to the doctors I know something is wrong with me .

MRI came back normal with only mild reversal lordosis brain was perfect . At my wits in I just want to be the last I was!!!!

Dear Lea,
I wish I could tell you there was a simple answer, a click of your neck and, hey presto, all was fixed.

Whiplash almost invariably leaves its mark on you, and bad accidents kill, maim and severely injure many people. You are one of them.

That reversal of the curve in your neck is very significant. It means that your head and neck were forcibly forced forwards at high acceleration/ deceleration, tearing the interspinous ligament and stretching the spinal cord and brain stem. Obviously there were other injuries too, your shoulder, your lower back, knee... nasty.

American roads are remarkably unsafe with one of the highest death rates in the world according to Whiplash Chiropractic ... I suppose it's cold comfort to say be glad you're alive. Many aren't.

The most frustrating part of whiplash, is that often there are very few tangible signs of the injury; consequently, victims are accused of being hypochondriac. Don't feel alone. Be strong, and this letter of yours is a good sign. You're looking for answers.

You've been to one chiropractor, and umpteen medical doctors by the sound of the things. Now is the time to start a search for someone who is conscientious and thorough. Find a good chiropractor may be your next stop.

Start talking to friends, family, your doctors... you're after the name of someone who can help you. Keep searching. He or she is there, you've just got to find him.

Hopefully you haven't signed off your insurance claim. This all costs money, and you need a good lawyer.

When all seems dark and gloomy, go back to basics. Make sure you eating a healthy diet, full of vegetables, salads, fruit and legumes.

Take a good look at our healthy living tips page. It takes some effort, but is vital. You absolutely must get on top of that constipation, and that means a lot more fibre in the diet. Start with an apple a day. Beets are the colon's best friend.

Start with some gentle exercise every day. Perhaps a short walk, or swim, and a massage every week would be very beneficial.

Keep trying, keep looking, there's help out there. I hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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