Severe lower thigh pain above both knees. Trapped in bed for 3 months

by Joseph
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Hi I'm 38 yr old male, not overweight. I had a hurniated disc at L3/L4 and multiple MRIs. Caused by chopping wood 5/2017. It caused a ton of back pain which slowly got worse. By 2018 I had severe double leg pain that forced me to walk on crutches or lay down. Sitting hurt lower back.

4/18 I had micro disctomey at L3/L4. Leg pain came back much worse 2 weeks later. Put me in bed for 3 months. After steroid shots I can walk a bit and sit a bit and do some exercises.

No Dr's know what's wrong. my leg pain is not responding to Physical Therapy, seems to come and go. I'm on crutches to leave house.

What do you think would help?


Hello Joseph,
A tale of woe to be sure but the past is locked in concrete. Firstly I would strongly recommend some gentle lower back exercises done every morning before arising and in your situation every hour. The muscle tone in your back and legs will have deteriorated quite badly after three months bedrest.

Do guarded movements of your lower back, forwards, backwards and to the side cause leg pain? Do you know if the femoral stretch test is positive and knee jerks normal? Does your knee give?

I wish I could recommend more. Inversion traction is worth a thought but only under supervision and with the surgeon's consent.

Let me know.

Dr B

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