Severe lower back and leg pain

by Mike

5 months ago I hurt my back by lifting my bed, and it hurts not matter what o do. I can sit down stand up walk and out doesn't get rod of the pain. Out is a fill poison on my lower back and burning sensation in my right leg and it gets do bad I can't walk.

o went to the er, and they did xrays but nothing of concern showed up. They send me home with a steroid pack and some pain medication, but it did not work... I've tried everything I know to do. What can this be?

Hello Mike,
Everything hangs firstly on the symptoms and secondly the signs, Mike. And that means a thorough examination. Find a good chiropractor is your next stop. Did they actually examine you, or just take X-rays at the ER? Usually X-rays are quite normal the first time you injure your spine like this, so that tells us nothing.

All you've told me is that you have lower back and leg pain and that it happened lifting a bed. There are dozens of possibilities.

What I need to know is:

What part of your leg hurts?
Is it numb?
Is it weak? See the video on the link below.
What makes the pain worse, what lessens it? You say you "I can sit down stand up walk and out doesn't get rod of the pain." Mmm, not too sure about that, it's not clear what you mean.

Now go to this Slipped disc symptoms page and tell me what fits.

Then do this Slump test for sciatica and let me have the result.

Lower back pain
is very complex, Mike, so you need to give me a lot more details, in clear English please (if you're a foreigner, please get some help with your grammar, as being specific is very important if I'm to give you some helpful direction.)

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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