severe low back pain after kickboxing class

by Faith Robertaccio
(Hockessin, DE)

I am a 50 year old woman who took a kickboxing class last Monday. The day after class my back started to stiffen up. By Wednesday I was in excruciating pain. Pain radiates across low back into both hips and down one leg. Pain is worse sitting and getting up from sitting. Hard to walk. I don't know what is causing this severe pain.

Hello Faith,
If it's going down your leg then there's a strong possibility that you have injured a disc in your lower back.

Are you a regular kick boxer, or once off? That would invite troubles at 50.

It's now five days; if you are still in acute pain then it's time for a professional opinion.

If you are improving without treatment, then just be kind to yourself for a few weeks. Do some gentle lower back exercises every morning before getting out of bed, sit less and if you need to pick something off the floor go down on one knee. No housework, and particularly no vacuum cleaner.

Let me know how you get on. With symptoms in the leg you must take it seriously.

Dr B

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