Severe Knee and upper thigh/groin pain when sitting/driving for more than 30 min

by Linda
(Gaithersburg, Md)

Where in the leg fits your symptoms?

Where in the leg fits your symptoms?

I injured my left piriformis muscle in yoga class 2009. Had chiropractor work, MRI and physical therapy in 2011 because would get intermittent pain in buttocks & hip area; however no sciatica. Also went to a rolfer every 1-2 months. Was chronic and manageable until mid 2015.

Mid 2015: When sitting/driving for 30 min +, nerve pain starts in left groin, moves to knee and then I start having sharp pinging pain that moves around: knee, mid butt to hip, lower back and groin until I can stand up. Sitting cross legged sometimes is helpful. I went to a physiatrist in Sep 2015 and have tried three rounds of PT plus dry needling and started acupuncture. I have a bone spur in my left leg (age 19) and little to no pain on my right side. The PT exercises have made me stronger; however I do not think any of my practitioners have figured out the cause of the pain and I continue to have issues around sitting. My MRI's of the hip and lumbar do not show herniations or abnormal osteoarthritis.

I am 54 years old, female, thin, flexible and walk 30-40 min 5-6 x's/week and do recommended PT stretches and strengthening exercises.
I have been considering going to a chiropractor or osteopath next.
Thank you for any advice you can give me.

Hello Linda,
The question is whether this is referred pain from your mid to upper lumbar spine affecting the femoral nerve, or sacroiliac pain which certainly may affect the groin, or whether this is an underlying impingement syndrome of the hip, or even a mild hip dystrophy.

All of these are determined largely by the physical examination, though signs are often seen on the x-ray or scan, but often missed or considered normal by radiologists.

So, do these for me, on no painkillers for at least 24 hours, reporting as accurately as you can what you feel.

1. Bend slowly forwards, backwards and to the side. What do you feel? Be specific.

2. Lie on your back and pull your right knee to the chest, make a circle, and then do the Faber test. Exactly what do you feel and where? Are your hips extra "hyper" mobile.

3. This one is difficult. Lying on your tum with knees bent, ask hubby to slide his hand under your right knee and pull the knee towards the ceiling, extending the hip. Remember what you feel in the front of the thigh. Repeat with the naughty leg. Is there a difference. What do you feel.

4. Bounce on your right and then left knee. Does it give or feel weak?

5. Take a pin and prick your thighs and around the knee and inner lower legs. Is there any significant difference?

6. Lastly, using a little oil, go through the groin from the anterior superior iliac spine (look it up) and down the inner thigh. Compare sides. Is the left very tender.

Could you send a digi pic of the pelvis to brlewis{at} please.

It's an interesting question your pose, Linda. The more accurately you can answer the more likely I can provide some input. Answer all the questions or none.

Using the search function at chiropractic help, look at Maigne's syndrome, too.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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