Severe groin pain, numbness and tingling from the knees up to my buttocks

by Sue
(Arlington Tx)

I had my 2nd back fusion on May 23 of this year. On Oct 4 of this year, I had a nasty fall into the shallow end of an empty pool. ( don't ask !!) I thought I was fine, then a few days later, I could hardly move. I had severe groin pain and front of my legs were numb and tingling, also my buttocks was numb and the sides of both of my legs were extremely sore to the touch. Everything continued to get worse as time went on.

I went to my hip doctor to make sure that I hadn't hurt my right total hip replacement. The X-came back normal. I waited a while longer just to see if my symptoms would just go away, but they did not, so I was forced to go back to my back doctor. I ad an MRI and that showed I had a bulging disc at L2 L3, he says that's what's causing my problems. So I'm getting my first shot today.

After reading your article, all my symptoms sound so much more like I've got what you've said. What do you think? I've had many many back shots and none have ever worked!! I am in so much pain now, that I am starting not to be able to sleep, and yesterday, after driving in my car for 15 min, I tried to get out of my car, and when I put my left leg on the ground to get out, the pain in my groin was so bad, I almost fell out of the car.

Please let me know what you think, doc.



Hello Sue,
This is tricky as I have none of the clinical information that would help me to make some sort of valid comment.

For example, what provokes the pain? Is it movements of your back, like flexion and extension and side bends, or is it the hip that gives you groin pain?

If your drop your hip into the lotus position as in the graphic is the pain in the groin and hip, or in the lower back, or sacroiliac joint area?

There's also some confusion as to whether this is right or left hip and groin pain, or both.

Some of the pain in the legs too is probably just bruising from the fall.

It's that numb and tingly feeling in both legs that has me concerned. But there again, are the sciatic and femoral nerve stretch tests positive? Certainly what you describe fits with a high lumbar lesion.

Are you doing any back exercises? Faithfully, every single day? That's where I would start; having had two lumbar and a hip surgery you really should have professional help with deciding which would be most appropriate.

If you're willing to risk it, look at our lumbar exercise page, and You tube videos. Done in bed, before arising every single morning, and several times a day, you'll find enormous benefit provided you do them sensibly. They shouldn't cause pain.

I know I'm sounding vague, but it's like that in my mind. If you want to answer the questions above, keep to this thread. Look out for non-painful weakness developing in your legs, particularly at the knee; is one starting to give on the stairs?

I'm afraid you have to rely on those around you whom you trust, rather than some vague person on the web!

I hope this contributes in some small way. No more falls into empty swimming pools, right! It's good you never had immediate pain, by the way.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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