severe gluteal pain

I suffered of Discitis in T10 and was treated for it 2 years ago.

This year I got an attack of lumbar pain which ended up with severe pain in the "upper medial quadrant of my left buttock"
The pain attacks comes with special movements and with sitting positions.

I took several nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, cortocosteroids, muscle relaxants and pain killers.

Nothing works effectively to end up my status. They all worked temporarily.

Need urgent help either for diagnosis or treatment.

That buttock pain needs careful and thorough examination. It can be a sciatica, but also a Maignes syndrome coming down from the T12 area; the Sacroiliac joint, and even a hip condition can cause it.

First and foremost a good examination to see where it's coming from and then some xrays of the area will probably be needed.

Start hunting for a good local DC; talk to family and friends and your GP. Staying on those drugs indefinitely will just give you a hole in the tum. Literally.

Start doing our lower back exercise programme. Find them in the navigation bar on the left.

Dr B

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