Severe deep pain in rhomboid area of left back keeping me up at night

by peggy
(Redmond, Washington, USA)

Can't sleep. In tremendous pain, worse evening and night, Radiates to elbow over deltoid muscle. Slight relief when stretch is put on left side of neck (levitator scapular muscle). Over the counter pain meds and tylenol with codeine do nothing to relieve the pain. Haven't slept in weeks. Getting worse.

Leaving country on vacation Monday. What kind of doctor should I see for relief.
Today is Friday. I won't be able to live with the pain for 2 weeks in Mexico.

Hello Peggy
I hope this gets to you in time; apologies, I'm also on holiday, not to far from you in the D.R.

Frankly, if I was you, I'd cancel my holiday. You are likely to have a miserable time of it, and you need treatment.

The most likely cause of this is a pinched C5 nerve root in your neck; it supplies the side of arm and the rhomboid muscles. And it hurts, I know.

I would get a chest xray, and cervical spine series, including obliques. You may need a scan, but not at this stage.

This is a job for an experienced, conscientious chiropractor; it's not an easy condition and you must be patient. It's not likely to go away quickly.

Get the xrays, and starting looking now for a chiropractor; talk to friends and family, and perhaps your doctor.

Don't carry heavy stuff in that arm.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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