Severe deep left arm pain, pins and needles. Thumb and index finger pins and needles and index finger feels cold at tim


Had an injection of lidocaine in upper back by shoulder blade for preparation of removal of surface mole. Couple of days later neck pain started when turning head side to side.

One week later severe pain radiating deep in left arm and throbbing of forearm. Tingling and index finger feels like it is cold inside (but not to the touch) and thumb are now getting pins and needles.

Pain originally was most apparent at night but has now become constant.

Hello Florida,
I think it unlikely that the injection per se was the cause of this; did you have the mole removed, and were you lying on your belly with your head turned to the side?

The area you describe belongs very specifically to the C6 dermatome, the nerve root emerging from the lower cervical spine.

I would recommend immediately an x-ray of your lower cervical spine, including oblique views; or, if you have good insurance, an MRI.

This is an extremely painful condition and you need to have it evaluated immediately; weakness of the arm is likely to follow, and this can be permanent if neglected.

Don't carry anything heavy in left arm; by the way, does placing your hand on your head relieve the pain? It's called the Shoulder Abduction Relief sign.

Let me know what happens.

Dr B

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