diffuse ostiopenia left convexity rotoscloiosis of upper and lower thoracic spine...disc margin spurs at multiple levels throughout...grade 1 spondyloliosis of l4 on l5...slight anterior wedging of multiple midthoracicx vertebrae ..appear to be chronic. ?No acute fracture or dislocation. No focal lytic orblastic bone lesions..please tell me if it is something I will always have, I miss walking. I am 76.and arthritis was diagnosed.

Good day,
It's something you've always have had and always will have. Because of the curvature there is increasing degenerative change, but that you would have at 76 anyway, perhaps it's more than usual.
The spondylolysthesis, grade 1 has two types. One is a childhood stress fracture, the other due to wear and tear of the facet joints. From the report, I can't tell which.

Follow this link for more about spondylolysthesis. Spondylolysthesis ...

Are you unable to walk because of pain in the back, or pain in the groin? Any upper leg pain?

You would find these exercises very useful. Exercises for sacroiliac joint pain ... do them in bed, before arising every morning, and then several times a day.

Often a scoliosis is caused by a short leg. An insert in your shoe might help.

Go from Scoliosis to other Chiropractic Conditions often treated…

I hope this has contributed. Don't give up! It may well be very treatable.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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