by munyaradzi
(Grand prairie , Texas)



My daughter just got a scoliosis diagnosis few days ago , and she is 12 yrs old. Because i dnt have insurance i am going to wait for orthopedic appt at the Children's hospital on feb 26 , 2013. I feel its far but i dnt have any other option. A friends referred me to this site to see if you can help her.

I too don't have insurance, which means we've both been banking thousands for a rainy day. It's arrived for you, alas, so don't begrudge good money spent.

On the X-ray there will be a "Cobb's angle". Let me know what it is. You get scoliosis and scoliosis. Mild scoliosis with a Cobb's angle of 10 degrees, and severe with 50 degrees plus. What's hers?

Leg length inequality is a vital subject. Stand behind your daughter, and place your hands on the crests of her hips. Quite easily you can see if she has a short leg.

Now, have her bend forward. How obvious is the twist in her spine?

Daily back exercises are her lot, before getting out of bed every morning. See our Lower back exercises page. It's not so onerous. They take less than two minutes, and frankly, like brushing our teeth, we should teach every child to do back exercises.

Treatment is very specialised. Look for a chiropractor who is experienced with scoliosis, conscientious and thorough.

If you have a family history of back problems, then you should especially take it seriously.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Jan 27, 2013
by: Munyaradzi

I am not able to get the measurements (angles) because we do not have access to x-ray until the end of February. When my daughter bends her back is like the one your photo. She is not complain of back pain for now.

Dear Munyaradzi,
What is vital is that her leg length be checked and if necessary an orthotic fitted soon. A mild scoliosis can very rapidly become serious in the early teens.

And secondly go to our Lower Back Exercises page. She must start these every morning before getting out of bed for the rest of her life, just like brushing teeth. They take less than two minutes, I do them myself.

Dr B

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