Scoliosis - 80 treatments in a year?

by Linda
(N.W. Arkansas)

Scoliosis - 80 treatments in a year?

I saw a chiropractor today. He told me he specializes in scoliosis. He took x-rays and showed me three places where my spine was curved. The worst one was 19%. The x-rays also showed some neck issues. He wants me to commit to three visits a week for 3 or 4 months...then twice a week for a period of time...then once a week. Overall plan was for a year. The price was over 3,000. I feel so overwhelmed because I don't have that kind of money.

I am 51 years old and am in quite a bit of lower back pain. Some pain upper and middle but the lower is the worst. I have migraines daily. What is your opinion? I feel so lost. Is there anyway you could email me your response?

Very grateful.

Hello Linda,
Before committing to that kind of program, I would get a second opinion, preferably from someone quite out of contact with the chiropractor you consulted; I would say the same if it was a medical procedure being considered.

And I guess you're asking me for a second opinion too. It's difficult, because I have not had the opportunity to examine you, and get your full history; so perhaps you should take what follows with a pinch of salt. It will certainly anger the person you consulted, and perhaps rightly so.

There's a lot of medical research about what is too many drugs, too many antibiotics or anti inflammatory medication. We all now about the downside of surgery.

But there's not a lot known about how much is too much manipulation. Some feel you can manipulate a joint every day with no side effects.

I don't belong to that school; my own rule of thumb is that 25 manipulations of a joint in a year is more than enough, and perhaps too much. But it's just my own opinion; your man has another quite different opinion.

It is in part dependent on the kind of treatment given; for example, an activator treatment is certainly more gentle, and I would then say say more than my customary 25 might be acceptable.

A Cobb's angle of 19 degrees is certainly quite significant, as is daily headaches. You probably take far too much medication.

Do you have radiating pain down the leg?

Did he make any comment about a short leg causing your scoliosis? Were exercises part of the program?

Did he go through your history carefully and thoroughly? Were you properly examined? Were reflexes taken, the strength of muscles assessed, were orthopaedic tests done? Were you jaw joints assessed - a frequent cause of migraine headaches?

I'm a great believer in gut feel, Linda? Did you "click" with the man, or did you have a feeling you were being had?

You certainly have the kinds of problems where chiropractic excels, but only you can decide if you are with the right person. Was he widely recommended by friends and family, or did he have the biggest ad in the yellow pages?

I fear this may have confused you even further!

Dr B

» Scoliosis - 80 treatments in a year?

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