Sciatica pain in both sides

by Jan
(Harrington, WA)

Sciatica pain began at age sixteen from lower back injury. Parents did not believe in Chiropractic.

After marriage and during first pregnancy got first help with pain. At times could not walk, was forced to crawl.

Gave birth to 9 children during which time had recurring sciatica pain. Intermittent Chiropractic care during the past 34 years.
Sciatica pain is now severe and on both sides ofj my body.

Have no insurance and can no longer afford Chiropractic care. What exercise can I do for relief?

Hello Jan,
Your back seems to have held out well in the circumstances, but pain down both legs is always difficult.

Accept that there are somethings you should never do now; moving the deep freeze, lifting the grand piano. You get the drift. The vacuum cleaner too is public enemy number one.

Health does cost, and one does need to make provision for it. Where does good health lie on your list of priorities?

Certainly a faithfully done set of exercises will do a world of good to your spine; type lower back exercises into the search function at Chiropractic Help.

Do them for a month; if they don't help sufficiently you have some hard choices ahead.

Dr B

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