Sciatica AND Meralgia Paraesthetica..maybe

by donna

I am overweight, sedentary, female, age 56. I had two 'traumas', involving my left leg, one falling off an embankment, one running on a treadmill. Not immediately, but soon after, I noticed occasional pain in my left groin and extreme tenderness down the outside of my leg and knee.

Also, the muscle on top of my thigh became raised and rigid. It does not hurt. I have actually had this for several years. A 'flare-up' of pain was only occasional, and my walking was not affected, at all. Over the past year, with more weight gain, I noticed pain in my butt and down the back of my leg all the way to my foot. This is typical sciatica

Now my knee and calf on the INSIDE of my leg are very tender. This is either a femoral nerve problem, or to do with the hip. My chiropractor says sciatica, which I agree with...but, also suggested Meralgia P. because of the groin/outer thigh pain. Could I have BOTH? Certainly, but you said higher up INSIDE of your thigh. Or is it both inner and outide of the thigh?

Basically, my entire leg hurts. AND my lower back. Slightly pressing my lower back sends me thru the roof. I have no numbness or tingling, as suggested in everything I've read. The greatest pain in my leg as of now, is the back of my thigh, like maybe a tight hamstring. This is probably the sciatica.

I recently started the McKenzie technique, which actually feels good and seems to help, some. Keep it up.

I realize that weight loss may fix the whole issue, but it will take months for me to lose and I would like to be in less pain, in the meantime. I would appreciate your input. I would prefer to do my own physical therapy, at home, so, I will appreciate any techniques/stretches/exercises that you can recommend.

Hello Donna,
Let's be sure that the pain on the inside of your thigh is not a hip problem. Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder, and then drop it into the lotus position. Compare with the other hip. Is it very stiff and sore in the groin, inner thigh, side of the hip?

Sitting, run your finger with a little oil from the ASIS (google it), through the groin and down the inner thigh. Is it very tender?

Nobody can help you with your weight, Donna, but you yourself. Quite soon you are going to feel trapped in a body that just don't allow you to do the things you want to do, plus a lot of pain. The safest and best way to get it off is cut back very hard on carbs. No white rice, white flour products, much less potato, no sugar. Instead, plenty of fruit and salad, legumes like garbanzo beans (make hummus). Do it; the victory is won between the ears. Once the decision is made, and you're tired of so much pain and disability, it's really not that difficult to do.

See also our free weight loss programs. There's a big emphasis on anti inflammatory foods that you need to eat on a daily basis; so much safer than pills.

There are lots of lower back exercises at chiropractic help. Ask your chiropractor to help you choose them. Also go through with him what you find from the above tests.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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