Sciatic pain in leg and also loss of feeling in hands

by Keith

Had mri scan which says I have l4 and l5 impingement; I've had this for 6 months but last 5 weeks pain to the leg is terrible; I'm unable to walk or drive and have been off work for the last 2 weeks.

I also have loss of feeling in both arms and tingling in hands.

You've neglected this, Keith, and now it's turned around and bit you. A poorly managed lower back injury very frequently progresses to severe leg pain.

Using the search function at chiropractic help, locate "slipped disc rules" and follow them religiously.

You're in a difficult place now, and probably on the verge of surgery. Chiropractic will usually help you get over this but it will be a rocky ride; of course surgery will be too.

You have to stop for a period of a month or so, go for several manipulations a week, do your exercises faithfully, sit much less and don't bend. It wont be easy which every route you choose.

Sorry to be so gloomy. Take a look at femoral nerve damage if you want, to see how I personally got over a similar injury but slightly higher in the lumbar spine. I too neglected it!

The loss of feeling in your hands is unconnected.

Dr B

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