Sciatic pain has switched legs

by Fred
(Pittsford NY)

I suffered a back injury in 2006 which left me with chronic leg pain in the right leg. Recently the pain is beginning to return to my left leg, which ironically is the side that was originally injured. Is this fairly common or a sign of something else developing? thank you. Fred DeSain

Hello Fred,
Particularly in light of the fact you originally had left lower back pain, it's probably not something new, though only a thorough exam will convincingly show that.

Having said that, a sciatica that affects both legs is more worrying. Has it affect bowel or bladder function? Any weakness in the legs?

I would recommend returning to the person who originally treated you and, if you've never seen a chiropractor, considering a chiropractic opinion. From someone with considerable experience under the belt.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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