Scapula pain

by Jordan
(reedy creek, QLD. Australia)

For the past 2 months I have had a serious pain in my right scapula; it usually happens at night time when I lay down; to relieve the pain I would have to bring my shoulder blades together. Some nights I cant sleep because I'm so uncomfortable. I'm unsure whether it is my shoulder blade or something else as the pain is located more towards my spine.

Hello Jordan,
It's a difficult area to make an accurate diagnosis without further tests. Do you have neck pain, and do movements of the neck increase the pain? Does it also go down your arm?

Does it hurt if you take in a deep breath? Do you have any radiation along the rib towards the sternum?

Is there any reason to suspect this could come from your lungs, or other organs? A cough?

As you can see scapula pain is complex. Any problem causing serious pain for two months requires a professional evaluation. Do it; soon.

Dr B

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Jul 07, 2017
Rib subluxations often cause pain with breathing
by: Dr B

Then it's most likely a rib subluxation; generally one of the easier things we treat unless it radiates to the breastbone.

Dr B

Jun 26, 2017
by: Jordan Morgan

It's usually when I'm laying down, but after a while my breathing starts to hurt. When I move a head to the right or forwards, it hurts.

The muscles between the shoulder blades are innervated by nerves coming from the local neck, hence movements of the head may provoke the pain.

Justin, this may be complex, and more difficult that expected, but what you are experiencing is what chiropractors do all day.

Dr B

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