Saw chiropractor for rib out / rib still out and hurt neck and lower back / nerves in body on fire

by Chris

I recently went to see a chiropractor, he was to put my rib back in; he was trying to convince me that my neck was not correct and that he should do a correction. I told him I didn't want my neck touched.

During the rib adjustment he told me he was going to stretch my neck and then he actually popped it. And then he said he had to do the other side. I had never been to a chiropractor. I am in so much pain now. It is 22 days later and my neck is still on fire and I have burning and tingling in the back of my head nonstop, burning and tingling in my arms and hands legs and feet nonstop. It feels like I have restless leg syndrome to my entire body. I am not sure what to do or if this will go away. I'm 22 days into it.

Can someone please help me figure out what happened and what to do? I'm worried about the tingling and burning in the back of my head. It is in the C3 and C4 area from what I see from your drawing. The burning and tingling through the hands, arms, head, likes, and fee, is 24 seven and very difficult to deal with. Will this go away?

Dr. B if you're out there, please give me some advice, I just want to get better. I didn't have any neck pain or back pain when I went in there at all. Unfortunately I think I came across more of a businessman then a chiropractor. Even when I called him and told him I heard he was trying to sign me up for a package and ignore the fact that I've been hurt. So I'm not talking or calling back at all now. I just need to try to find out what happened and get better. Will this tingling stop? Am I in danger with the swelling still being there in my neck and upper part of head?

Hello Chris,
You've got a legitimate gripe; in my opinion at least he should not have manipulated your neck, even once seeing you had specifically forbidden it.

A reaction to treatment does happen periodically, but it's rare that it goes on this long, or is so severe.

Iowa is the home of chiropractic. I would recommend you make an appointment to see a senior consultant, not a student, at the Davenport Palmer College. You may have some difficulty doing this, but stress the seriousness of your case.

If you don't succeed then I'd phone the Iowa Chiropractic Association and ask for their advice.

Please let me know what transpires.

Dr B

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