Salvation from cluster headache hell

by Christiane Neukirch
(Munich, Germany)

Salvation from cluster headache hell.

Dear Chiropractors, dear co-(ex-)sufferers,

I am glad to read your site. Chiropractic help should be made more widely known. I live in Germany, and we still have very few chiropractors (American style, that is), and few people in my country know about the possibilities.

Here is my story:
For ten years I had been suffering from extreme headaches. A classical doctor diagnosed them as cluster headaches and said I must live with them, there is nothing one could do about it. People who have experienced cluster headaches know that you wish you could die. So did I. But I kept trying and searching and after ten years I ran across a chiropractor – and a very experienced one too. That was the happiest day in my life. He found the reasons for my pains very quickly (my atlas and other joints between vertebrae) and eliminated the problems within a few weeks – not only my headaches but also all the other pains I had, and which turned out to be connected: back pain, neck pain etc.

I am a painfree and happy person today. Thanks, chiropractic, and thank you Dr. Kahler with the Magic Hands!

All the best to you all - Christiane

Your story tells it all, Christiane. Thank you for your contribution. A case of red wine for Dr Kahler for Christmas? Or a chiropractic book by Bernard Preston?

Dr B

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