Ruptured adductors femoral nerve impingement

ruptured adductors - possible inpingement on femoral nerve

10 months ago did splits while side stepping on moving treadmill during physical therapy.
Have been unable to weight bear on L leg since that day so cannot walk. Severe pain from groin to knee only on inner thigh. Had 3 mri's, back, ms and left thigh, 2 epidural - no help. All doctors scratching their heads...

Hello Maria,
Mmmm, nasty injury.

Maria, I need more info:

1. Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest, the opposite shoulder, make a circle of the hip using the knee as a lever - in the groin. What do you feel?

2. Again, lying on your back, ask someone to lift (they lift, you relax completely) first the good leg, and then the naughty leg. A difference? Where?

3. First lying on your back, and then sitting, squeeze a ball between your knees. Pain? Where?

4. Did you go black and blue in the adductors when this happened?

5. This test is hard, and frankly you probably can't do it properly, but give it a shot. Lying on your side, painful side down, ask a friend to gently grab your foot, other hand on the buttock, and pull the foot backwards, bending the knee and extending the hip. Now the other side, what's the difference?

6. Sitting, do the Slump test for sciatica ...tell me what happens.

7. Standing, bounce gently on the good leg, feel the strength in the quad muscle in the front of the thigh. Now, gently, on the other leg, holding onto a chair. Does it give at the knee? Pain? Where?

When testing a muscle for weakness, there are two important distinctions: does it hurt when you contract, or is it just weak without pain.

8. Ask whether the knee jerk reflex has been affected.

9. Take a pin and prick your thigh, comparing right and left. A difference?

10. Bend forwards, backwards, sideways... any pain anywhere?

11. Prior to the injury, did you have ANY groin, thigh, back issues? Tell me.

In all of this: we are trying to establish what reproduces the pain most accurately.

A lot of questions, Maria, the kind of condition I would relish to tackle, but alas we live on opposite sides of the planet. Let me have your answers, detailed please, I feel sure this is to be helped with Chiropractic, but first a diagnosis is necessary.

Could you send me a copy of the X-ray of your hip. If plain film, take a digi and send to contact.

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Find a good chiropractor may be your next step. Try and find someone with a FICS qualification, do your homework, let him scratch his head too.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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