Right thumb tingling, forearm and back of biceps.

by Jim

I am a 54 yr old male. I've had shoulders hurting before but no tingling. I use to lift lots of weights and have done hard work most my life. About a week before this started I had a sudden shock like feeling go threw the palm of my right hand. Felt like a shock it hurt but went away after a few minutes. Then about a week later I woke up one morning with a stiff neck. When I tilt my head back it hurt, when I looked to the right and looked up it hurt some like it would catch sudden pain at that moment. Then it kinda faded away after a few days.

Well, a few days later am working on my wires new phone trying to get it all up to date which I ended up having to call the company and ended up working on it four five hours. Right at last when I was putting the last bit of info on it every time I would hit a letter with my thumb it would tingle. This is how it started.

The next day thumb would tingle off and on then next day my thumb tingled, also a spot on top of my forearm and the back side of my biceps. No pain in the arm.

I noticed if I put my elbows up on the table like I always do it would trigger the tingling. Soon as I got up it would quit. Also I could pull my head down and to the left and it would stop. Raising my hand above my head will help stop it also. As long as I am working I am fine but much of the time soon as I sit down with my elbows on my knees to rest it would start. But if I leaned back it would stop. Sorry so long.

Hope you can shed some light. No pain in arms just in neck. One other thing if I get a tennis ball and roll it around on my back. Right in the almost middle of spine on the left a inch are so and on the right a inch are so when the ball rolls over it wow it's a hurt but a good hurt. It kinda shoots a pain up to my neck but it's a good pain feels great. If that makes any sense. Thanks, Jim.

Hello Jim,
All of this points to a mildly pinched nerve in your neck. When it's bad, it not only tingles, but hurts, often a lot, and often at night.

The raising of your arm lessening the pain is called the shoulder abduction relief sign. Use the search function at chiropractic help for more information.

What's needed is a thorough examination of your neck and arm, and an xray including the oblique views. Degenerative change in the joints of Luschka is quite likely.

Start looking for an experienced and thorough chiropractor.

Dr B

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