Right side low back pain, buttock pain, front groin pain toward the hip, weak leg, tingling and numbness in the lower leg and foot

by Linda
(Melbourne Florida USA)

Maigne's syndrome referral

Maigne's syndrome referral

I took a fall out of a armored vehicle overseas and all my weight landed on my right side leg and foot. At first it was only pain in my front groin and butt that hurt, but days later it was my right side low back and butt, off and on groin and back of leg down to the front of my leg and then my foot.

I even ended up with plantar fasciitis on the right foot, that went away. This has been going on and getting progressively worse for 2 years in July. I have been to doctors; Workers comp doctors said there was nothing wrong with me, all age related. My personal back doctor said there is a bulging disk and disk degeneration.

The groin pain has come back and some of my leg symptoms they say are not normal. I cannot drive long distances and cannot sit for any length of time. It is driving me crazy and my quality of life is going down the tubes.

Hello Linda,
Groin pain classically comes from a problem in the hip, the sacroiliac joint, rarely from a femoral nerve lesion in the upper lumbar spine, and perhaps a Maigne's syndrome.

And it can be a combination of these.

Using a drop of oil, sitting run your thumb down from the ASIS (use Google to find it), through the groin and down the inner thigh. Is it very tender compared to the other side?

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder and then drop your hip into the lotus position. Does this reproduce your pain? Where?

Sitting in a kitchen chair raise straighten your leg parallel to the ground; compare with the left leg. Testing the femoral nerve is more difficult.

Bending forwards, backwards, to the side, does it provoke leg and back pain?

Then there's the neurological examination that your can't really do; try comparing sides with a needle; is there any numbness?

I get umpteen letters about injuries in the service and it would seem that Workman's comp doctors are told to deal only with the most dire cases. So, officially you are imagining all these pains; it's quite normal at your age. You and I both know it's bullshit but you'll have a hard time changing their opinion.

There's no easy solution; start gently exercising your back and hip every morning before getting out of bed. You'll find exercises in the navigation bar at chiropractic help.

If after a month you have no relief at all, it's time to start looking for a local competent chiropractor; there's probably one right down your street; talk to friends and family and even your doctor; he seems to be more sympathetic.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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