Right Side Feels Funny All The Time

by DeLena

Slump test for sciatica

Slump test for sciatica

Hello. About seven years ago a car seat belt got wrapped around my ankle causing me to fall out of the car while I was trying to get out. When I fell my ankle twisted and my right foot was purple and blue for weeks. I never went to the hospital.

Ever since then, I've had a lot of problems with my right leg. I get very painful shooting sharp pains up my leg from the ankle to the thigh and sometimes as high as the buttocks. My ankle swells up out of nowhere, I get the urge to move my legs a lot, and my knee feels very weak like it wants to go out. I have had three epidurals and two spinals having my kids over the years and my lower back especially on the right side hurts daily sometimes to the point where I cannot bend past a certain point.

I have a lot of burning in my back on the right side and lower part. There is strong tingling in my right leg a lot and sometimes the entire leg goes numb while lying down. Sometimes it gets so bad I've cried myself to sleep, I've tried muscle rub, hot and cold baths, pain killers, knee braces, ace bandages, special socks for edema, and none of it has worked.

I have had headaches a lot, dizzy spells, light headed feeling, nausea, runny stools, sometimes throbbing in my right arm, and fatigue. I feel funny everyday and it is a constant strain on my life... Plz help...

Hello DeLena,
There are different things going on here; it's not impossible that they stem from an altered gait from your ankle, but they could be quite independent.

First, do two little tests for me.

1. Bend slowly forward to the point of restriction you mention. Is the right leg much tighter than the left?

2. Do the Slump test for sciatica, see lower down for the link and let me have the result, as accurately as possible.

Really your neck and ankle need to be examined too. It's time to find a local chiropractor. Talk to friends and neighbours, and your doctor.

Dr B

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