Right sacro-iliac area pain / Maignes syndrome

Right sacro-iliac area pain / Maignes syndrome

Hi Barrie
I am one of your usual patients and have forgotten the name of the syndrome you pointed out to me which you think is my problem as the pain emanated from possible T1 or T2 down the right side to my upper gluteal muscle.
The name of this syndrome is from the chiropractor who first diagnosed it.
I need to prove to my GP that the nerves in that area even exist!!

Shelley Bailey

Hello Shelley,
Actually, the syndrome was first proposed not by a chiropractor, but an orthopaedic surgeon. It's called a Maignes Syndrome and the nerves the Superior Cluneal nerves. Lesser known because they don't belong to the anterior primary ramus as the Sciatic and Femoral nerves do.

It's actually just a lumbar facet syndrome of a high lumbar vertebra.

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Dr Barrie Lewis

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