right leg pain

by Bob

right leg pain

I have developed a pain in both my legs last October after purchasing new work boots that where later on found to be so heavy they where causing knee and leg pains. The pains slowly subsided after purchasing lighter foot wear however the right leg seemed to never get completly better.

I later found other people who experienced this same problems with too heavy work boots including my own son. My doctor says I have arthritis and advises a knee replacement. I can't seem to get through to him that I never had problems before these heavy work boot insodent and did all my regular workouts, cycling ,and walking for years without a problem like this.

He sent me to physio but this did nothing. i then tried resting it for a time and it started to feel like it was getting better, then I started in with my regular exercises like cycling etc and the pain came back and am now back where i started. When i walk or stand for a period of time the pain in my right leg progressivly gets worse till it is so bad i have to get off of it

and also the pain is sometimes in the calf and sometimes in the back of the thigh like it is a muscle issue or nerv.

The pain gets so intense I can't bend my knee on my own but can bend it without much pain if I lift it from behind the knee without using the muscles.

If I sit down for half hr i can walk again without much pain but it all starts over again and i have to sit down.

Antimflamitories don't do anything for it but tylenol does relieve most of the pain but i can't keep taking them forever. In the morning it is best before i get out of bed but the slight pain is always their at the best of times. The pain goes away if i get off it but tha calf muscle sometimes feels tight and as if it needs to be stretched out.

The doctor keeps telling me it is the knee that is the problem even though the pain is not cumming from the knee. The hot bath relieves the pain at night so i get in the bath every night.

My chiropractor says it could be a nerve problem and that i should keep seeing him every week and i have but the problem is not getting much better. Sometimes it seems to be getting better then all of a sudden it starts giving me problems on days at a time with little relief.I have never had anything like this that has gone on for so long. Do you have any thoughts on this problem.

Hello Bob,
Mm, let's summarise:

* You can bend your knee if you pull with hand but not using the hamstring.

* Walking brings on the pain in the lower leg. After a short rest you can walk again.

* Standing also gives you pain in the leg.

* Your doctor thinks it's knee arthritis, your chiropractor says it "could be" a pinched nerve. What did your PT think?

* NSAIDs don't help, but a hot bath does.

I need more info:
1. If you bend forwards, is one leg much tighter, tingly, painful than the other?

2. If you bend backwards and sideways, don't it hurt anywhere?

3. Does the Slump Test for sciatica give you pain in the leg?

4. Ask one of your doctors to check if the Posterior tibial pulse and the Dorsalis Pedis pulses are present. Are you a smoker?

Frankly I'm unsure. Let me know the answers to these questions. Keep to the same thread please.

Dr B

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Dr. Barrie Lewis

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