Right leg pain back pain

by Joe
(Malta Europe)

Back in 2000 I fell off from a mountain bike, and after few days I had severe pain in my back. After some Xrays the doctor told me that I have a disc slightly out of place and nothing to worry about. After this I had to give up cycling and started gaining weight.

The pain in my back started getting worst, I couldn't do anything; even if I do some ironing, wash my car or a long time standing or sitting my back starts hurting.

Last year I started having pain in my right knee and went to a doctor and after some tests and xrays they told me that it's my cartilage, so I was operated and after the operation the doctor told me that there is nothing wrong in my knee; this was in August 2013.

Since then the pain continued in my knee, I cannot bend my leg backwards, I feel my leg is heavy, pain on top of my foot, I cannot stay on my knees and sometimes I lose control of my leg and nearly fall.

An MRI was done and still waiting for the appointment which is next month.

This condition is becoming frustrating, cause I cannot do anything, not even a small walk or any other exercise.


Hello Joe,
From the information given it's difficult for me to tell if your back and knee conditions are related.
I suspect not, at least not directly, as you are having trouble bending your knee. That points to a knee condition, not a radiating pain from your back.
When you are dissatisfied with one form of treatment, then it's time for a consultation with another. See a local chiropractor just for an examination and opinion, and then weigh which direction you want to go.

Take your xrays and scans with you.

Dr B

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