Right leg pain after first time at a chiropractor

Just had my very first chiropractor appointment and now I have pain shooting down my right leg; I now can’t walk on it. I have added ice, tried heat and it goes away for a bit but is still there; just about unbearable and not not sure what to do.

Hello Dwayne,
You must phone your chiropractor first thing in the morning, and ask to speak to him personally. Tell him your story.

Some pain after the first treatment is not unusual but this sounds different. Did you have no leg pain before the treatment?

For what reason did you consult the chiropractor?

After the treatment your back is particularly vulnerable. Did nothing unusual happen? You didn't move a pile of boxes, or something?

I had a similar case yesterday, but the lady admitted that she sneezed three times after she got home; that can upset the applecart.

You must talk frankly to your chiropractor about this, and if he is evasive, I'd go elsewhere.

First, do no harm, is the buzzword.

Meantime continue to use the ice followed by heat, sit as little as possible, and obviously don't bend and twist; or cough or sneeze. If he gave you exercises, continue to do them, but very gingerly; they should cause pain.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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