Right hand: painful fingers, a trobbing ache with bouts of sharp intense pulsing sensations

by James
(from Wales)

Hi Barrie,

You advised me before when I asked a question about my right arm. Hope you don't mind me asking another question but it may be related to my previous issue below:


I went to my GP about my right arm aching & the tingling in my 2 fingers, he examined me and said it was Tennis Elbow, his advice was rest & 400mg Ibruofen to bring down inflammation.

The tennis elbow seems to have moved into my hand.

A typical day for me would be:

When I first wake up it's like I have arthritis in all fingers on my right hand, it's an intense pain no matter what way I move them.

As the day goes by, the intense pain turns into an ache/slow throbbing sensation in the whole of my right hand including fingers.

I try and ignore this ache otherwise I'd never get anything done.

As the hours go by, heading towards evening, the ache will sometimes be joined by a sharp and short pulse like sensation focused on the outer edge of my hand running down towards little finger.

Lately I have noticed the veins in my right forearm (up to my elbow) & on the back of my right hand are more prominent than the left.

The pulsing sensation generally gets more frequent as the night goes on.

It's doing my head in, I seem to be in pain with something all the time lately, especially when I lay down to go to sleep.

A. I have suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome all my life.
B. The muscle in both my calves is always knotted tight making them over sensitive and the slightest touch is painful.
C. I have plantar fibrosis lumps in both feet (my GP has referred me to a podiatrist and I am waiting on my first appointment).

What do you think is going on? I am unsure where to start or who to ask.

Hello James,
I've never heard of tennis elbow causing tingling in the hand; something else is causing both.

On the side of your hand it's almost certainly a continuation of what you had before; however, now it's affecting the whole had I'm thinking of a thoracic outlet syndrome. If so, raising your hand above your head will worsen the symptoms.

You might like to try a test called Adson's but it's subjective and not easy without experience. You can find it using the search function at chiropractic help.

Basically, find a strong pulse in your right wrist with the fingers of your left hand. Then turn your head to the right, look up and take in a deep breath, and hold it. Does it affect the pulse?

Is the upper limb tension test positive?

If there's swelling in your arm, but it goes to the pinkie, then I'd be concerned about a thrombus in the arm; rare but serious.

If it avoids the pinkie, then carpal tunnel syndrome needs to be considered. There are others, I'm afraid. Time to see a chiropractor for a good examination.

Dr B

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