RIGHT GROIN PAIN AND numbness of inside right lower leg / Femoral nerve

Femoral nerve - RIGHT GROIN PAIN AND numbness of inside right lower leg

Lower right back pain with GREATER RIGHT GROIN PAIN AND numbness of inside right lower leg.

Hello Steve,
This is mostly likely a Femoral nerve lesion in the mid to upper lumbar spine. Do any movements of your back, bending to the side for example, provoke the pain in the leg?

A positive Femoral nerve stretch would confirm the diagnosis.

For certainty, a hip condition needs to be ruled out. That also gives pain in the groin, but not the numbness.

Does your knee "give"? Feel weak? The knee jerk reflex needs to be tested.

Then there are some "medical" conditions that need to be considered.

If it affects the "cluneal nerves" then the pain will radiate down to the buttock area too. Called Maigne's syndrome.

This is a very painful condition, and is unlikely to respond instantaneously to any form of treatment. However, it is a condition routinely treated in chiropractic clinics. You'll have to be patient, do exercises and generally slow down and be careful. X-rays are recommended in my book.

Use the Search this site function at C-H for more info on these terms.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Feb 28, 2018
accident on the ice
by: Anonymous

I had an accident on the ice some weeks ago; since then my right leg gets very painful from my groin to the knee all down the right side and my ankle; also since then my right hand after holding a cup or most things for a couple of minutes goes numb and pins needles I have to raise it to get the feeling back.

The doctor said my muscles around the thigh area are in spasm and prescribed or morph and diazepam but it only lasts for a while and the pain is most times unbearable; at times I don't know what to do; the doctors just palm me off and say rest but I have a handicapped son I look after so I carry on but the pain, well, I have to cry in corners and get on.

Is there anything some one can suggest?

You make no mention of lower back or neck pain; it's not guaranteed but it probably means you've had an injury to the sacroiliac joint or hip, or some of the muscles in the area.

Does pulling your knee to the chest cause no pain in the groin?

If you bend forwards and backwards, and then to the side, do you get no symptoms down the leg?

I would start with the lower back exercises done several times a day that you can find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

If nothing has changed within a week please let me know and we'll pursue this.

Dr B

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