Right gluteal pain, burning greater trochanter, groin and pubis area

by Claudia
(New Port Richey, Florida USA)

Hi, I have had l1-s1 herniated for years. 4 months ago the right gluteal started hurting and has progressed to burning in right great trochanter area with a dull deep ache in the groin where my leg attached inner thigh to groin with dull ache. Muscle on right leg (thigh) feels like pulling away from bone. Difficult to walk, having to use cane, not able to work in a month.

I came across Maigne's syndrome yesterday. I called chiropractor to look at article. He is an older chiropractor. Thinks I should use foam rollers and says area actually not hard to adjust. I have no insurance.

Did get back and hip xray, hip ok. Back arthritis, and a new mild lumbar scoliosis since 2 yr ago MRI.

Any advice would be appreciated. Desperate, this has been debilitating. Thanks.

Hello Claudia,
Firstly the issue of no insurance; I too have no insurance but I make provision for the inevitable rainy day that comes to all of our lives; I hope you have been doing the same. Otherwise, it's hard times, for you.

I don't understand that you've had L1-S1 herniated for years; that's five different discs. Herniated?

Maigne's syndrome certainly refers to the gluteal region, and some authorities say the groin. However this is controversial. More likely, if you have difficulty walking, having to use a cane I'd first be looking at a hip or sacroiliac condition. These won't always be seen on an x-ray.

Nothing short of a careful, thorough examination of your spine and pelvis will answer these questions.

Also, remember that inguinal hernias and intestinal and even ovarian conditions can cause these radiating pains.

You need to find someone competent in these matters; and yes, it's going to cost. Steel yourself.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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